💧 It’s what it seems

Like a midnight dream

floating in the air just don’t care

jumping through the twister

whirlwind at your feet

it’s what it seems

troubles in your mind

real or not you might not

see it as it flies through your life

it’s what it seems

happiness to be chased

on a tight rope in a tornado

what you desire is in the fire

grab it as fast as you can

It’s what it seems

a twisted fate of life

jar full of dreams that die

just another midnight dream

broken by a thread of grief

It’s what it seems

a web of destiny full of dread

can you wakeup to the rain

giving hope to a midnight dream.💧


Scent of life. 

Scent of life. 

I got this smell out of nowhere

reminded of a childhood moment somewhere

What was it that made it so quaint

for a life lived with utmost despair

happiness found in the remnants of care

what was it that made it so quaint

Smells of life filled with a struggle to forget

forgiveness in the present to give

forgotten but only to begin

heart full of wishes never to be seen

what was it that made it so quaint

A mystery to a simple dame.

The perfume she never wore again. 


My first try in poetry and submission for this week’s Writing prompt .


I love this word! It’s more appropriate in current situation than ever before. Really surprising that it is not used in daily vernacular by everyone, for me using this word is a lot more fun and enjoyable than foolish or stupid. It feels less insulting and makes the person using it look sophisticated eh?. Our texting world has made us lax with our vocabulary also it has become cool to make every word short like session is now sesh, merchandise is merch…smh oops!

How do we make it cool to use big words in daily life? millenials are degrading and destroying the english language in the name of sounding “cool”.  And those annoying autocorrects people use is making it unneccessary to learn how to spell even the simplest of words. These days people don’t even know the difference between Your and You’re which is most exasperating thing ever.

I think using sophisticated words makes us more smart, improves our communication skills, increases confidence in ourselves and look exponentially more attractive to others. I for one have made a promise to myself that I will definitely incorporate more words like these. What do you all think?

Drop a comment and let me know.