Elemental: Islands

View from a plane, one of the hawaiian islands between Honolulu and Maui

Untouched by humans, islands are mesmerising and give you the most elemental experience.

My submission for this weeks WPC


Oblivious to Danger.

Chesapeake Bay, MD © Tej Photography
I took this picture because it amused me that this bird built a nest out in the open on a danger sign. Nature is funny sometimes, hope that bird and its eggs made it safe.

My submission to this week’s WPC: Danger! ☠ 

Up in the air

I love visiting new places but most of our long distance travel is by air which translates to spending hours in airports and planes to get to our destination. I wonder if we would miss it in future in case our technology advances and we get to our destinations in a shorter time than we do now. Here is a picture I took from my flight to NYC, all these planes were lined up on the runway waiting for takeoff and I thought to myself when will they come up with a solution to this time spent waiting at the airports. I for one would love to get to places in shorter time which means more time to spend at my destination. 

Wanderlust for life!

My Submission for this week’s WPC

Nature lovers

Nature lovers

Going on hikes is one of my favorite passtimes. Being one with nature gives you new confidence and hope in life, it is a very good  remedy when you are in a foul and depressed mood. I hiked a new trail this weekend with a friend, was a very pretty riverside trail with thick woods and thriving woodland wildlife(we saw deers, ducks, eagles, owls and other pretty birds). We felt rejuvenated and cleansed of all the toxins that come with indoor lifestyle. Respecting nature and living in balance with it is very important now than ever what with the hectic and stressful lives we have. It’s important to feel alive and happy with youself to live a healthy life.

Pollution is ruining our health and causing lifestyle diseases. Engaging in activities like hiking, biking and kayaking in nature trails is a pretty fun way of getting healthy and being fit. There are so many nature trails out there open for hiking and biking it’s amazing to me that not many people go to these places unlike the beach. For me nature gives me a feeling of peace and tranquility, makes me forget all the stresses of life and escape to a different world it’s the best soul therapy you can get here on earth.

One day may be we will all be able to take trip into outerspace and have a similar experience. Wouldn’t that be exciting?
Ciao for now!

Inspired by Rupali’s post | Sunday Trees